“We are seeing the same thing:” Potent presenters connect with their audience [Guest post by Mika Yoder Yamashita]

As part of the American Evaluation Association’s Potent Presentations Initiative, I’ve been asking people to think about some of the most effective presentations they’ve seen (conference presentations, grad school classes, webinars, you name it). I hope you enjoy reading Mika Yoder Yamashita’s explanation about the best presentation she’s seen. Mika’s my evaluation friend from the Washington […]

What are you really trying to communicate with your presentation?

I’ve been asking evaluators and non-evaluators to think about the most potent presentations they’ve seen and heard. While everyone’s mentioned a bunch of similarities (“Don’t read off your slides” is a given), there have also been some differences. Most recently, my former teammate taught me about the value of text-rich PowerPoint slides for his clients, who want the […]

“But clients like to read my PowerPoints on their laptop when they’re in bed…”

One of the best things about evaluation conferences is that you get a chance to see your former coworkers (aka. friends!) all in one place. I ran into my former teammate at the Eastern Evaluation Research Society’s annual conference just last weekend. After catching up on all the usual things (our current jobs, his adorable kids, etc.), […]

Potent presentation advice: Don’t be afraid to move around a little!

I asked my researcher friend Caryl Schroeder to reflect upon some of the most potent presenters she’s seen. Off the top of her head, Caryl listed the following criteria for a potent presentation: Concise message/theme Simple text/graphics (not a lot of text on PowerPoint presentations) Examples the audience is familiar with or can relate to, […]

What’s the magical ingredient in potent presentations? [Guest post by Jen Hamilton]

I’ve been talking to evaluators and non-evaluators about what makes great presentations, conference sessions, and workshops for the American Evaluation Association‘s Potent Presentations Initiative. Today’s guest blogger is my evaluation friend and Eastern Evaluation Research Society extraordinaire, Jen Hamilton. I hope you enjoy reading Jen’s ideas about great presentations. – Ann Emery ——————– “It’s a […]