Welcome! I’m an evaluator at Innovation Network in Washington, DC.

To learn more: email | TwitterLinkedIn | Slideshare | Tumblr | Google+ | YouTube

Guest Blog Posts

Conference Presentations

  • How to Climb the R Learning Curve Without Falling Off the Cliff: Advice from Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced R Users | October 2013 | Description Handout R code
  • Evaluation Blogging: Improve Your Practice, Share Your Expertise, and Strengthen Your Network | October 2013 | Description Handout Slides
  • The Conference is Over, Now What? Professional Development for Novice Evaluators | October 2013 | Description Handout
  • Excel Elbow Grease: How to Fool Excel into Making (Pretty Much) Any Chart You Want | October 2013 | Description Slides Video
  • Performance Management & Evaluation: Two Sides of the Same Coin | October 2013 | Description Slides Recording
  • Beyond Boring Bar Charts: How to Fool Excel into Making (Pretty Much) Any Type of Chart You Want | April 2013 | Slides
  • Why I Love Internal Evaluation | October 2012 | Description Slides Video
  • Top 10 Benefits of Connecting With Your AEA Affiliate | October 2012 | Description Slides Video
  • Creating and Maintaining a Learning Culture in a Multi-Service Nonprofit Organization | October 2012 | Description Handout
  • Naysayers, Cynics, the Frightened, and the Offended: Techniques that Transformed Evaluation Resistance into Results | April 2012 | Description
  • We Actually Did It, and You Can Too: Creating a Culture of Learning and Evaluation in a Multi-service Nonprofit | November 2011 | Description Handout
  • Use What You Have: Creating Automated Visual Displays Using Word and Excel | November 2011 | Description Handout
  • Mobilizing Teachers as Researchers: Building a Framework for Effective Classroom Based Research and Improved Student Achievement | April 2010 | Description

Brown Bags, Panels, and Other Presentations


  • Terms, Tips, & Trends: Evaluation Essentials for Nonprofits | October 2013 | Mindmap
  • Creating and Automating Dashboards Using Microsoft Word and Excel | eStudy for the American Evaluation Association | January 2013
  • Webinar for the New York University Performance Management Professionals | February 2012
  • Creating and Automating Dashboards | Webinar for the Omni Institute | December 2011
  • Creating and Automating Dashboards | Coffee Break Webinar for the American Evaluation Association | December 2011 | Recording for AEA members



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  4. Susan Kirtz

    Hi Ann! Stephanie Evergreen recommended your site to me at this year’s AEA Summer Institute. I’m not usually a comment-leaver but this site has been SO helpful that I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work. Keep on posting!

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