Celebrating… my first blog-o-versary! My first post was on March 23, 2012. A year ago, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have anything to blog about. Surprisingly, my biggest challenge has been trying to blog less frequently! Looking Backwards What’s worth celebrating? Here are a few milestones from the past year. 1 new job at Innovation […]

My Eval12 Aha Moments

My favorite part of the American Evaluation Association’s annual conference in October 2012 was “officially” meeting the evaluators who I’d previously met online – like Karen Anderson, Katherine Dawes, Amy Germuth, Simon Hearn, Susan Kistler, Chi Yan Lam, Chris Lysy, Ehren Reed, Patricia Rogers, Jon Sachs, Anne Schwalbe, David Shellard, Jessica Weitzel, Trina Willard, and others […]

Conference Tips for Newbie Evaluators

Are you getting excited for the American Evaluation Association’s conference next week in Minneapolis? This week I’m sharing conference tips for newbie evaluators and first-time conference attendees. While many of these ideas will be obvious for experienced evaluators, these ideas won’t be obvious for your coworkers and mentees who are attending one of their first conferences. […]

The Volume of Your Presentation [Guest post by Isaac Castillo]

I’m getting excited for the American Evaluation Association’s Potent Presentations Initiative because it will offer training on messaging, design, and delivery to help evaluators transform into rockstar presenters. Although many of us are beginners at delivering presentations, others are veterans or experts. Today I’ve invited one of my favorite expert-level presenters, Isaac Castillo, to share some of his […]

Should evaluators share statistical results during evaluation conferences?

I’m asking evaluators and non-evaluators to think about some of the most effective conference presentations they’ve seen as part of the American Evaluation Association’s new Potent Presentations Initiative (P2i). When talking about the ingredients for great presentations, Herb Baum commented, “Do not present results unless they are relevant to the point. At evaluation conferences, I […]