Celebrating… my first blog-o-versary!

My first post was on March 23, 2012. A year ago, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have anything to blog about. Surprisingly, my biggest challenge has been trying to blog less frequently!

Looking Backwards

What’s worth celebrating? Here are a few milestones from the past year.

  • 1 new job at Innovation Network  (hence a blog name change)
  • 2 podcasts
  • 3-hour eStudy about dashboard automation
  • 4 conference presentations at EERS and AEA
  • 45 Excel tutorials
  • 99 blog posts (67 from me on this blog; 8 on other blogs; plus 24 guest posts from 14 different colleagues)
  • 1,000+ tweets at @annkemery
  • 21,000+ blog views
  • 1,000,000+ numbers crunched
  • Infinite connections with colleagues in the evaluation blogosphere

Looking Forwards

What’s to come in the next year?

Thanks for reading! I’m glad I started blogging, and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. I hope to see many more evaluation blogs emerge over the next year. 

7 thoughts on “Blog-o-versary!

  1. Sheila B Robinson, Ed. D

    Happy Blog-o-versary!! Congratulations on developing a high quality, informative, and comprehensive site. I’ve very much enjoyed reading posts from you and your guest authors, and learning from your Excel tutorials. Many thanks for contributing your time and energy to the evaluation community and best wishes for Year 2!

    1. Ann K. Emery Post author

      Thanks Sheila! Your ongoing support has been crucial. I especially appreciate your ideas for future Excel tutorials. Keep ’em coming!

    1. Ann K. Emery Post author

      Thanks Karen! Your guest posts and your blog have really helped my blog find its way. I enjoy reading your insights about evaluation and look forward to (hopefully! fingers crossed!) co-presenting with you at the next AEA conference.

  2. Oz du Soleil

    Much congrats to you! You’ve accomplished a lot and thanks for admitting that you started this with no idea that you had anything to share. You’ve done a lot! And I was honored to be a guest blogger on your site.

    Keep it going!


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